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Snow, Sun, & Family Fun – Summer in Breckenridge!


How many people can say that they laid in a snow drift on their summer vacation?  Or that on the same day they played miniature golf, rode an Alpine roller coaster down a mountain, flew across a mountain on a zip line, and then sunbathed at the base of the mountain while enjoying a great lunch?  Very few people, actually.

But it happens all summer long in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Not to mention the folks who take a ride on the chairlift to enjoy the stunning views at the top of the mountains, and the biking enthusiasts who load their mountain bikes onto the back of the chairlift and then enjoy the thousands of acres of trails to ride on.

And after a day laughing, playing, and glorying in the wonder of the mountain beauty, fresh air, and brilliant sunshine, the quaint mountain town of Breckenridge has its own set of delights including ecclectic restaurants whose owners are the chefs who are serving delectable cuisine including local favorites like the Rocky Mountain red trout, with Breckenridge Bourbon distilled locally.

There really is nothing like this town.  And then the fall colors share their brilliance, and the winter blesses Breckenridge with glorious white powdery snow that  people travel from around the world to ski in.  Yep.   Probably the closest place to heaven on earth.

                   And the Grand Colorado on Peak 8  sits right in the middle of it all.  GC8MA world class resort with luxurious mountain modern amenities, ski in, ski out access, and extremely exclusive with a total of only 75 units.  Destined to be the most coveted address in all of Breckenridge, owning your own home away from home at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is much more attainable than you dreamed possible.  It is the best luxury fractional real estate opportunity in Breckenridge and possibly in all of Summit County.  The offering has broken all expected sales records because people recognize the value and limited time opportunity.

Fractional real estate is a real estate purchase.  It comes with a deed and a mortgage.  It has all of the financial benefits of home ownership.  What it doesn’t have is all of the hassle of owning a second home, including maintenance and the cost of furnishing a second home.  It also has incredible luxury like a salt water aquatic center, spa, theatre, concierge, owners only restaurant and bar area, ski locker rooms, library and fitness center.

Ski season is fast approaching.  It is time to lock in your home away from home and quit wasting your money on accommodations that leave you  nothing but a bill when you are done.  Contact award winning Senior Broker Brent Henry, an expert in fractional real estate sales in Breckenridge.   His focus is on meeting your needs, not pressuring you to buy.  Whether it is a suite or a four bedroom condo, Brent will help you match your needs and the times of year you want access to your home away from home.  You can call Brent at  970-485-2117 or e-mail him for a no-hassle consultation.  Don’t wait because the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is an exclusive property with only 75 units that will sell out soon.




Unusual Transportation in #Breckenridge

IMG_0009.jpgNot everyone goes up the mountain in a sled on rails.  But when they do, the view is fabulous.  And coming down…. well… Disneyland has nothing on the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster in Breckenridge.  Truly a magnet for thrill seekers around the world.  Located in the Peak 8 Fun Park in Breckenridge, the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster is just one of many great family fun attractions in Breckenridge during the summer.

Check out the ride, courtesy of 5 Mad Moviemakers:

And if you don’t want to miss out on all of the fun, it’s time Breckenridge became your home away from home.   That’s right. Instead of money spent on expensive hotels with nothing to show at the end but a bill, consider fractional real estate in Breckenridge– a great way to truly have your own vacation home. The Grand Colorado at Peak 8 is the vacation home you have always dreamed of- sitting right at the base of Peak 8 where all of the action is, and with stunning views and during the winter, ski in, ski out access.  Not to mention all of the amenities of home AND a world class resort combined, but with none of the hassle.

Fractional real estate is actually deeded real estate – and has the financial benefits of home ownership without the hassle of upkeep. Your luxury studio to four bedroom condo is ready when you are, fully furnished in casual but luxurious comfort, just waiting for you and your family to walk thru the door. The fractional real estate opportunity creates an affordable way to enjoy the vacation home you and your family always hoped for.

The Grand Colorado on Peak 8 only has 75 total units, and has beat all sales projections and records.  It WILL BE the most coveted address in Breckenridge, and are still some great home ownership opportunities but you will have to act quickly.   Call Brent Henry, Senior Broker for a no-hassle, no-obligation complimentary consultation at 970-485-2117 or e-mail him for your home ownership information kit.


Contrasts in Beauty in #Breckenridge

Summer in Breckenridge

It seems ironic that people are sunbathing and wading in the river in the shadow of the still snow capped Rocky Mountains.  But this is the contrasting beauty that Breckenridge gloriously displays in the summer.   The temperatures are in the 70’s, people are enjoying all manner of outdoor activities and the wonderful weather that graces this historic mountain town.

Fly fishing, canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, golfing are some of the outdoor sports that Breckenridge boasts.  For the less energetic, sunbathing, reading under a tall pine tree, picnicking, playing in the river are wonderful pastimes during summer in Breckenridge.

There simply is no “off season” – Breckenridge is truly a four season wonderland of enjoyment.  It’s why people come from around the world to this quaint Victorian town to enjoy beautiful scenery, clean mountain air, and the simpler pleasures of life.  It’s a great place for families to slow down and unwind together.

Fabulous shopping, chef owned restaurants, a charming downtown where people leisurely stroll, it’s all part of the unforgettable ambience of Breckenridge.

What are you waiting for? Summer is something to cherish in Breckenridge. And while you are here, stop by and see the stunning Grand Colorado on Peak 8. A world class resort with mountain modern luxury and the most coveted address in Breckenridge. Then, make it your home away from home- the second home you have always wanted. How? Using the fractional real estate model, you only buy the time you will use your property. You own the deed, you have a mortgage, but you don’t have a house sitting empty, upkeep, or the size of mortgage that would normally accompany ski in ski out luxury property.

Want more information? Contact Senior Broker Brent Henry, an award winning fractional real estate specialist. Call Brent at 970-485-2117 or e-mail Brent for complimentary, no pressure information about owning luxury fractional real estate in Breckenridge, Colorado.


#Breckenridge Summer Fun Park

IMG_1694More summer fun than any human being should get to have.  And all in one place – #Breckenridge.  High up in the Colorado Rockies, at the Base of Peak 8 in Breckenridge, Colorado what is a skier’s paradise by winter is a family adventure packed with fun in the summer.  Zip lines, alpine coasters, miniature golf, giant mazes, trampolines, roller coasters, Segway and mountain bike rentals plus a few giant heaps of snow, enough to have a good snowball fight or slide down.  Or hey – just lay in it and revel in snow in August.

In the background of this picture of summer fun sits the almost completed Grand Colorado on Peak 8.  It is an exclusive, world class resort with a total of only 75 units that have been selling like hotcakes, beating all sales records because people recognize that this resort will soon be the most coveted address in all of Breckenridge.  Ski in, ski out access in the winter, and in the center of all of the fun by summer.  The Grand Colorado is mountain modern in style with world class amenities including a spa, concierge, restaurant, bar, theatre, aquatic center, library, piano bar, ski locker rooms, and game room to name a few.

The good news is that the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 still has luxury condos available to sell.  The even better news is that these condos are fractional real estate, which makes it affordable.  You only buy the time you plan to stay there.  You can choose from a studio to a four bedroom condo, fully furnished for your home away from home, right down to cookware, plates, and utensils.

Fractional real estate is one of the best ways to purchase real estate in Summit County, Colorado where this coveted piece of heaven on earth can come with a hefty price tag.   It is home ownership, you have the deed and a mortgage.  You have all of the benefits of home ownership, but none of the hassle.  So what are you waiting for?   There is plenty of fun to be had in Breckenridge!

Contact Senior Broker Brent Henry, an award winning fractional real estate specialist. Call Brent at 970-485-2117 or e-mail today.


Summer Snow in #Breckenridge


It’s true.  Sledding, sliding, snowball fights, and snow angels.  In shorts.  In August.  Only in #Breckenridge.  Folks from Arizona just laid in the snow in relief.  Locals from Breckenridge said, “Yeah, it’s awesome here.”    All underneath a brilliant blue sky and glorious sunshine.  That is, until the daily afternoon thunderstorm rolled in to wash everything with freshness, and then roll back out again, leaving evening temperatures in the 40’s, just crisp enough to put the wood into the fireplace and enjoy the crackling pine scented fire.

The Breckenridge locals are correct.   Breckenridge is awesome.  That’s why people who visit immediately pick up the local Breckenridge real estate magazines and start scheming for a way to make Breckenridge their second home.  What those magazines won’t tell you is that there is a really smart way to buy a second home in Breckenridge.  It’s called fractional real estate.  It is a home purchase.  It comes with a mortgage, a deed,  and the financial benefits of home ownership.  What it doesn’t have is the hefty price tag, the time when your home sits empty because you can’t be there, and all of the hassles of upkeep for a second home when you are not there all the time.

With fractional real estate, you only buy the time that you actually spend there. Perhaps it is three weeks in the summer, a week over Thanksgiving, a week at Christmas, and two weeks during ski season.  You buy your slope side condo with ski in, ski out access that sits at the base of Peak 8.  Perfect for summer because Peak 8 is where the Fun Park is with all of the action, including the alpine coaster, zip lines, trampolines, mazes, Segway rentals, or just the ability to load your mountain bike onto the back of the chair lift to catch a ride so that you can enjoy an incredible bike ride on the myriad of trails on the mountain.

But back to the condo – the perfect  Breckenridge ffractional real estate is available now – The Grand Colorado at Peak 8.  From a suite to a four bedroom condo, this exclusive, luxurious resort has world class amenities including an aquatic center, restaurant, bar, movie theatre, concierge, spa,  and oh yes – your condo.  What are you waiting for?  Contact Senior Broker Brent Henry, an award winning fractional real estate specialist. Call Brent at 970-485-2117 or e-mail today.