The Most Coveted Luxury Fractional Real Estate with Ski In, Ski Out Access

#Kingdom_Days in Breckenridge! The Fun is ON!

kingdom days in Breckenridge

Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce

It’s the 9th annual celebration of Kingdom Days in Breckenridge!  It is a weekend of fun for the entire family over the Father’s Day, including gold panning, outhouse races, live music, and lots of free kid activities like face painting, train rides, tumble bubbles, and more.

The celebration reinvents the history of Breckenridge, a mining town founded in 1859 with strolling historical figures who were brave pioneers and explores.  The town of Breckenridge was originally left off of some U.S. maps until Tom Groves found a 13.5 pound chunk of gold, the largest found in Colorado.  The gold got the government’s attention, recognizing that Breckenridge was its’ own kingdom and needed to be incorporated.  The town turns out to celebrate the rich heritage of the booms and busts of the Gold Rush era, where the town was built around gold mining, exploration, and the rugged life of a town that sprung up almost overnight. 

Kingdom Days is one of many fun filled celebrations that make the town of Breckenridge so unique.  Warm and friendly with a small town feel and an intentional preservation of history make it a joy to be a part of.  Though a small town, because Breckenridge is home to some of the best skiing in the world, the town also boasts world class restaurants, unique shops, and fabulous homes and hotels.   Breckenridge is also a four season town, with wonderful activities year round, including skiing, trout fishing, biking, hiking, golfing.  It is the perfect family vacation, no matter what time of the year.

As a matter of fact, according to Travel and Leisure Magazine, Breckenridge is ranked #7 in the nation as one of America’s favorite towns and one of Colorado’s most celebrated four-season destinations!   Does it sound like bragging…. nah…. you voted!  And you are, of course, always right.  And because the town is so unique, people who visit never want to leave, and look to find ways to make Breckenridge their second home away from home.

Now it’s time to make your move, as Summit County real estate in Breckenridge doesn’t hang around for long.  There is a very exclusive property being unveiled at the base of Peak 8 that you need to know about.  That’s right – the base of Peak 8, in the heart of it all.  The Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is the address for slopeside luxury. There are ONLY 75 residences available at this address that changes everything, redefining true resort living with a 3,900 acre mountain paradise for a back yard.

These luxurious residences will range in size from suites to four-bedroom condominiums and will feature an impressive array of amenities.  The best news is that this exclusive property, destined to be the most exclusive address in Breckenridge, offers home ownership using the fractional real estate model.  This means that you purchase ownership interest in the property for only the times you want, meaning you don’t need to carry the hefty mortgage that whole home ownership creates.  CLICK HERE for more information on the concept of  FRACTIONAL REAL ESTATE at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 in Breckenridge.

The most qualified person to discuss this exclusive real estate offering is Senior Broker Brent Henry, an expert in fractional real estate and Breckenridge luxury condo sales in Summit County, Colorado.  For more about Brent, CLICK HERE.   Please call Brent Henry today if you are interested in this exclusive limited time, limited offer at 970-485-2117 or complete the form below to receive your Grand Colorado on Peak 7 informational kit:


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