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Summer Perfection in #Breckenridge

Breckenridge Summer

Sometimes you just need to slow down. When your day is divided into fifteen minute segments and they are all full, it’s time to take a break. The constant connection to technology, background noise of the city with traffic, sirens, and planes overhead, and 24/7 demands of a fast paced lifestyle can all take their toll physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Marriages and families need quality time away from the demands of the outside world. The miracle of the clock slowing down as relaxation replaces stress and anxiety is a joy to experience. And it’s easy to do when surrounded by the magnificence of the Rocky Mountains, breathing clean air tinged with the scent of pines, drinking water almost from its source, and basking in the golden sunlight of summer high in the mountains. It’s Breckenridge, a quaint Victorian town – the perfect cure for stress and the perfect retreat for family and friends.

What would make your summer vacation more perfect? BEING ABLE TO CALL BRECKENRIDGE YOUR SECOND HOME – THAT WOULD MAKE IT PERFECT! And you can own a fabulous studio to four bedroom luxury condo at the Grand Colorado at Peak 8, complete with world class resort amenities, casual luxury, and a mountain modern luxuriously furnished condo – changing your vacation from going to your home away from home IS PERFECT.

The perfect way to own a second home in Breckenridge is fractional real estate. That’s right – deeded property with a mortgage but at a fraction of the price of whole home ownership. With absolutely none of the hassle of upkeep of a vacation home, and absolutely all of the amenities of a world class resort. You only buy what you will use, instead of letting a vacation home sit empty for the times you can’t get away. It truly is the perfect solution.

BUT…. there is always one fly in the ointment… There is extremely limited inventory for this exclusive resort, set to be THE most coveted address in Breckenridge. You need to move fast if you want this perfect dream to become a reality. It is the opportunity to own luxury real estate in Breckenridge, Colorado and you don’t want to miss it. Contact Senior Broker Brent Henry now for a complimentary, no obligation, and no pressure consultation or for more information on this opportunity in the mail. Simply tell him about the dream you have for a home away from home in Breckenridge, and let him help your dream become reality. Call Brent at 970-485-2117 or simply fill out the convenient form below to receive an owners package by mail.

#Breckenridge Family Fun this Summer!

Breck Summer Fun Park

Gold Runner Coaster at Breckenridge mountain, Colorado.

Gold Runner Coaster at Breckenridge Mountain, Colorado.  Photo courtesy of Visit Breck.

 What’s there to do in a ski town when there is no snow, you might wonder….   And you certainly don’t want to take the kids somewhere where they will just be bored.  But the crowded beaches, amusement parks and typical summer escapes where tens of thousands of other families flock to just isn’t appealing.

Consider the charming Victorian town of Breckenridge high in the Rocky Mountains where the air and water are pure, the sun is golden, and the scent of pines delightful, and the glorious backdrop of the mountains almost overwhelming in its beauty. Breckenridge abounds in family fun during the summer, from the simple pleasures of the outdoors including miles of hiking and biking trails, river rafting, fishing, picnicking, a good book under a great tree, and so much more.

But there is also something for the thrill seeker –  the Breck Summer Fun Park!  It is located at the base of Peak 8 and has something for just about every family member.  An all day adventure begins there, including the TenMile Flyer ziplLine, Gold Runner coaster, SuperSlide, SuperPutt, Colorado SuperChair scenic chairlift rides, Rockpile climbing wall, Mineshaft Maze, pony rides, SuperBungee trampoline, gemstone panning, Ripperoo’s Bounce House, Breck 4×4 Tours, BreckTreks hiking tours, pony rides, and mountain biking.  The word “bored” is never spoken here.

Convinced that summer in Breckenridge is the perfect family vacation?  Then you will want to have your perfect luxury accommodations locked in.  Because once you arrive, you will not want to leave.  If you can’t sell all of your earthly possessions and just work the lifts for the rest of your life, you might consider a more rationale decision – a second home in Breckenridge.  But not just any second home… oh… no!  A luxurious condo at the base of Peak 8 with ski in, ski out access.   There are only a limited amount of these beautiful treasures…. only 75 to be exact.  And expected to become the most coveted address in all of Breckenridge – The Grand Colorado at Peak 8.

This is not just any luxury real estate in Summit County, Colorado.  This is world class, five star resort type living.  And the best news yet?  It is fractional real estate – that’s right – a mortgage, a deed, but not the hefty price tag of whole home ownership in Breckenridge.  You only pay for what you use – finally – a reasonable solution to needing to live in Breckenridge but of necessity keeping your day job elsewhere… 

So… the moral of the story is that the opportunity to own the perfect home away from home in the perfect town of Breckenridge won’t last long at all… remember – only 75 total of these ski in, ski out luxury condos… Complete with every amenity you can imagine.  For more information on this very limited opportunity, contact Brent Henry, senior broker and fractional real estate expert in Breckenridge.  Call Brent at 970-485-2117.   He will help you find the perfect home away from home for you.  Or, if you would prefer an owner’s information kit sent to you, just fill out the convenient form below.

#Breckenridge Summer Fun – Still Playing in the Snow!

Breckenridge hiking

Photo courtesy of Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce

Want to play in the snow this summer?  And be amazed at breathtaking views, brilliant blue skies, sunshine and crisp clean air?  There are miles of hiking and biking trails in Breckenridge, and a view from the peaks is as easy as catching a chairlift, bike included if you’d like.  And after you’ve experienced the renewing of your spirit after being immersed in the wonders on the mountains, you can come down to the base and enjoy sitting on the decks with a glass of wine watching the summer sun set, and then catch the gondola down to town for an eclectic dining experience.  After dinner, come on back up and marvel outside at the summer night and the brilliance of the stars at 12,000 feet.  Heaven is just a little closer, that’s the wonder of it all.

The town of Breckenridge is just charming, a contrast from the more glamorous Vail and Winter Park venues in Summit County. Breckenridge has maintained the small town, quaint Victorian charm of its mining town history.  The shopping and dining are definitely not small town, with dozens of delightful places to eat where the owner is often the chef who specializes in unique cuisines.  The shopping is not big box, it is definitely unique, artful, and full of high quality offerings.  In the summer, life spills outside with concerts, events, dining, and plenty of family friendly activities.  There really is something for everyone in Breckenridge.

Anyone who visits Breckenridge is drawn back over and over again by its charm and the majesty of the mountains.  Breckenridge is the kind of place where you can power down, renew, enjoy family and friends, and then return refreshed to every day life.   Many who want to purchase real estate in Summit County, Colorado are unaware of the option of fractional real estate where you own the mortgage but only pay for the time you use.  The cost is much more affordable and it still has the benefits of home ownership without the hassle of upkeep. 

There is a unique Breckenridge real estate opportunity in the making, sitting at the base of Peak 8 called The Grand Colorado on Peak 8.   This unique fractional real estate opportunity will soon be the most coveted address in all of Breckenridge.  The Grand Colorado at Peak 8   sits at the base of Peak 8 with ski in-ski out access and acres of mountain wonderland for a backyard.  There are only 75 units, and they are going fast.  In luxurious mountain modern style, this resort will offer world class resort amenities plus all of the comforts of home.  Studios to 4 bdrm luxury condos are available, CLICK HERE to take a sneak peek.

Request your complimentary ownership kit below, or call Senior Broker Brent Henry at 970-485-2117 for a complimentary consultation about your real estate needs in Breckenridge.