The Most Coveted Luxury Fractional Real Estate with Ski In, Ski Out Access

#Breckenridge Summer – A Dream You Don’t Want to Wake Up From

Grand Lodge on Peak 7 Summer View

It is so perfect that it feels like you will wake up any minute – back to the reality of rush hour, busy schedules, and the e-mail and text barrages of every day life.  But no, for a week or two or three, or maybe even four, time can stand still, and you can savor perfection.  Incredible natural beauty, perfect weather, casually elegant and comfortable surroundings with world class resort amenities, and perhaps fly fishing, bicycling, picnicking, hiking, a great book, and making fabulous memories with family and friends.  Memories that don’t fade, even when you are back in the midst of the day to day busyness of life.

If getting to a perfect place for time can go more slowly, and having it equipped with amenities like a spa, weight room, movie theatre, restaurants, salt water swimming pools and hot tubs, but yet still be at home with your own living room, kitchen, refrigerator, and as many bedrooms (not extra hotel rooms) as you need to accommodate the family, Grand Lodge on Peak 7 is that place.  Home away from home – a second home in a fabulous place with fabulous amenities at a fraction of the price of whole home ownership and less expensive than putting the family up in hotels during vacation.  It is the perfect solution for the perfect vacation…

If the description above is appealing to you, please take the time to view the information on the Fractional Real Estate  page.  It is different than the standard time share concept.  It is DEEDED property, you OWN it.  It is a mortgage (and far more reasonable than the full price of a second home in Summit County or Breckenridge!)  You benefit from world class amenities, and all the comforts of home at a fraction of the price!  

Grand Lodge on Peak 7 is almost completely SOLD OUT – so you need to act quickly if luxury fractional real estate in Breckenridge appeals to you.  It sits at the base of Peak 7, with ski in, ski out access to the lifts that transport skiers and boarders to some of the finest ski terrain in all of the world.  For more information and a no hassle, no obligation consultation (and not your typical high pressure time share sales pitch), contact Brent Henry, Senior Broker, by phone at 970-485-2117 or simply fill out the convenient form below.  

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