Fractional Ownership

What is Fractional Real Estate Ownership?

Fractional real estate ownership is shared ownership of a property and includes a deed.  Timeshare ownership offers the right to use a property but does not include fractional ownership of the property.

One of the primary benefits of fractional real estate ownership is that owners only purchase what they will actually use, whether it is one, two, three or more weeks per year as opposed to whole purchase for a property that is not fully used yet requires full responsibility for cost and maintenance.  Owners customize the weeks they own, the size of the condo they purchase from suites to four bedroom condominiums.  It is a very enjoyable, carefree model which is customized to the needs of each owner.

Luxury fractional ownership of Grand Lodge on Peak 7 in Breckendridge, CO not only offers world class lodging, but also includes state of the art resort amenities including a myriad of indoor/outdoor pools, jacuzzis, sauna, steam room, spa, fitness area, movie theatre, ski in/ski out to the chairlift at the base of Peak 7, concierge service, library, restaurant & bar services and other luxurious amenities.

For more information on our company and fractional real estate ownership opportunities in Breckenridge, CO, call or e-mail us at:

Brent Henry, Real Estate Broker

Call: 970-485-2117


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