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#DewTour, #USSki&BoardTeam, #Breckenridge, #RealEstate…. All in One Place!

Courtesy of Dew Tour

                                                                               Photo Courtesy of Dew Tour


Who would believe one title could have so many hashtags??  And that one place… one magnificent location… could have so much perfection in one glorious mountain town?   Too good to be true?  Nah…. It’s Breckenridge, and it’s just about perfect.

Just a couple of weeks away from the Dew Tour Dec. 11-14th, and the excitement is growing!  And guess what the weather forecast says?  Tomorrow… SNOW.   Monday… SNOW.  Tuesday… SNOW…  Wednesday… SNOW…. OK, do we need to go on?  We can!  Thursday… SNOW.  Friday…. SNOW…  OK, you get the point.  Ski and boarding season is officially ON… and the Dew Tour will showcase some of the top talent on the planet, with the event being the first official qualifying event for the US Olympic Ski and Snowboarding teams. 

Courtesy of Dew Tour

Courtesy of Dew Tour

Do you have your perfect luxury accommodations locked in? Because once you arrive, you will not want to leave.  If you can’t sell all of your earthly possessions and just work the lifts for the rest of your life, you might consider a more rationale decision – a second home in Breckenridge.  But not just any second home… oh… no!  A luxurious condo at the base of Peak 8 with ski in, ski out access.   There are only a limited amount of these beautiful treasures…. only 75 to be exact.  And expected to become the most coveted address in all of Breckenridge – The Grand Colorado at Peak 8.

This is not just any luxury real estate in Summit County, Colorado.  This is world class, five star resort type living.  And the best news yet?  It is fractional real estate – that’s right – a mortgage, a deed, but not the hefty price tag of whole home ownership in Breckenridge.  You only pay for what you use – finally – a reasonable solution to needing to live in Breckenridge but of necessity keeping your day job elsewhere… 

So… the moral of the story is that the opportunity to own the perfect home away from home in the perfect town of Breckenridge won’t last long at all… remember – only 75 total of these ski in, ski out luxury condos… Complete with every amenity you can imagine.  For more information on this very limited opportunity, contact Brent Henry, senior broker and fractional real estate expert in Breckenridge.  Call Brent at 970-485-2117.   He will help you find the perfect home away from home for you.  Or, fill out the convenient form below and he will get right back with you.


#BreckSnow – Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

Groomed ski trail Breckenridge Colorado

Snow is falling, the lifts are running, the skiers are skiing, and the boarders are boarding… Need we say more?  The 2014-2015 Breckenridge ski season has commenced, and Breckenridge snow lovers are rejoicing around the globe, wishing their time to revel in the glories of the mountain and the town was right now!

In the last seven days, 53 inches of snow have fallen, with 13 inches in the last 24 hours alone!  More snow is on the way for later this week, all building toward what should be a Thanksgiving to be thankful for!

So where are you??  And do you have your plans made for this season?  Skiing in BreckenridgeYou don’t want to miss what looks like it is shaping up to be a great ski season.  What you might not know is that really great places to stay, the kind of place memories are made, book early, and rates increase during peak times like holidays and spring break.  There is a way to not have to hassle with booking accommodations every year.  It is called fractional real estate.  It’s like having a second home, only without the price tag or hassle of whole home ownership.  You only pay for what you use, and it is NOT the same as a time share, it is deeded property with a mortgage, so there are financial benefits as well.  Fractional real estate purchases are just a smarter way to finance and go on the vacations of your dreams.

Not only is it your second home, but it is like owning a home at a five star resort. What’s not to love? World class amenities, ski in/ski out access, apres ski amenities including salt water hot tubs, pools and on site restaurant/bar are just a few of the many perks.  Fractional real estate ownership allows discerning buyers to access these luxurious condos for a fraction of full ownership price.

There is an exclusive fractional real estate opportunity at the base of Peak 8 with a limited number of residences that will become the most prestigious address in Breckenridge. These luxurious condos range from suites to four bedroom units with four bathrooms and 2 fireplaces!  Owners customize their experience at the Grand Colorado on Peak Eight based on their individual needs.

Find out more about the benefits of fractional real estate and the limited opportunity at the Grand Colorado on Peak Eight by contacting senior broker, Brent Henry for a complimentary consultation.  You can call Brent at 970-485-2117.   He will help you find the perfect home away from home for you.  Or, fill out the convenient form below and he will get right back with you.

#Breckenridge Voted One of America’s Favorite Towns

Breckenridge Colorado ski area

The vote is in!  According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, Breckenridge is ranked #7 in the nation as one of America’s favorite towns and one of Colorado’s most celebrated four-season destinations!  And it’s no wonder, with its’ historic charm, stunning scenery, and yes… the allure of some of the best skiing, boarding, mountain biking, and restaurants in the world.  Does it sound like bragging…. nah…. you voted!  And you are, of course, always right.

Now it’s time to make your move, as Summit County real estate in Breckenridge doesn’t hang around for long.  There is a very exclusive property being unveiled at the base of Peak 8 that you need to know about.  That’s right – the base of Peak 8, in the heart of it all.  The Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is the address for slopeside luxury. There are ONLY 75 residences available at this address that changes everything, redefining true resort living with a 3,900 acre mountain paradise for a back yard.

These luxurious residences will range in size from suites to four-bedroom condominiums and will feature an impressive array of amenities.  The best news is that this exclusive property, destined to be the most exclusive address in Breckenridge, offers home ownership using the fractional real estate model.  This means that you purchase ownership interest in the property for only the times you want, meaning you don’t need to carry the hefty mortgage that whole home ownership creates.  CLICK HERE for more information on the concept of FRACTIONAL REAL ESTATE at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 in Breckenridge.

The most qualified person to discuss this exclusive real estate offering is Senior Broker Brent Henry, an expert in fractional real estate in Summit County, Colorado.  For more about Brent, CLICK HERE.   Please call Brent Henry today if you are interested in this exclusive limited time, limited offer at 970-485-2117 or e-mail him using the form below:


#Breckenridge Ski Season Updates – It’s Almost Time!

Base Peak 8

Top of Peak 8

High Alpine Bowls

Ten Mile Station

The Unveiling at Peak 8 in #Breckenridge


The unveiling of the new standard in slopeside luxury in Breckenridge, Colorado… You are looking at the architectural rendering for the Grand Colorado on Peak Eight, situated right in the heart of everything that makes this one of Colorado’s most celebrated four-season resort destinations.  If this is your address, it will change everything.  There is no other slopeside vacation experience like this.

This exclusive, 75 residence luxury condo offering has a backyard four-season playground of 3,900 acres – whether it is skiing and snowboarding, or biking and hiking, this is a vacation paradise.  And best yet, this is a fractional real estate ownership opportunity, which means that owners have a second home with a highly coveted address, but at a fraction of the price of whole home ownership.  All of the amenities of a world class resort, all of the benefits of a second home, but with none of the hassles of upkeep, paying for time you can’t be there, and enjoying amenities that only come with a resort, not a home.

What’s not to love?  Nothing.  This resort will be sold out before it ever opens.  If you want this to be YOUR home away from home address, you need to contact Brent Henry, Senior Broker, and Summit County real estate specialist for fractional home ownership.  This WILL be the most exclusive address in Breckenridge – will it be yours?

Contact Brent today if you are interested in this exclusive limited time, limited offer at 970-485-2117 or e-mail him using the form below:

It’s That Time of Year

Breckenridge Colorado ski area

Family fun awaits you in Breckenridge, Colorado! If you don’t have your holiday plans locked in, for once you will be glad that you procrastinated.  Why, you ask?  Because there is no better place to spend Christmas than in Breckenridge.  This quaint Victorian town comes alive at Christmas!  A giant brilliantly lit Christmas tree graces the town square.  When the perfect day of skiing or boarding ends, then the white lights of the town start twinkling, and every store and restaurant window seems to beckon you in to a warm, inviting experience.

The possibilities for never to be forgotten family memories abound in Breckenridge. While it is true that it is one of the best ski locations in the world, there are plenty of other family friendly activities to add to the photo album.  From dinner sleigh rides to snowmobiling to history and culture, Breckenridge offers something for everyone!  Take the family on a Snowcat tour to see breathtaking views, downtown to the ice skating rink, cross country skiing to enjoy the backwoods scenery, dog sledding for a unique adventure, tubing and sledding for family laughs, and fine dining for ending a great day with a romantic dinner.

Discerning travelers to Breckenridge fall in love with the mountains and the quaint Victorian town that sits at the base of the majestic peaks.  After falling in love with the area, they begin the search to own a small piece of this geography that is close to Heaven on earth.   If you are looking for a way to own real estate in Summit County, Colorado at a fraction of the price of whole home ownership and with none of the hassle, a luxury fractional real estate is the perfect solution.  Brent Henry, senior real estate broker in  Breckenridge, can show you the benefits of this smart way to own your home away from home in Breckenridge.

If you want all of the comforts of home AND all amenities of a world class resort, including ski-in, ski-out convenience in an exclusive property at the base of Peak 8, you need to act now, as there are a limited number of units that are just becoming available to the public at this brand new exclusive development.  For more on the benefits of fractional real estate in Breckenridge, Colorado, CLICK HERE. 

For more information on Brent Henry, CLICK HERE.  Please call Brent Henry today if you are interested in this exclusive limited time, limited offer at 970-485-2117 or e-mail him using the form below:

#DewTour Coming to #Breckenridge!

Courtesy of Dew Tour

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo Courtesy of Dew Tour

Whoa!!  Is the 2014 Dew Tour stop in Breckenridge on your calendar?  If not, you need to get busy!  Scheduled for Dec. 11-14, 2014, the Dew Tour is a captivating celebration of incredible athleticism for both boarders and skiers.  To ratchet up the competition, this event will draw top notch snowboard and freeski athletes who are prepping to compete for their slots on the U.S. Olympic team that competes in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  World class athletes like Shaun White, Louie Vito, Kelly Clark, Bobby Brown and more will be showing their skills before thousands of fans against the backdrop of glistening snow, brilliant sunshine, and the towering Rocky Mountain peaks of Breckenridge. 

The town also comes to life with concerts, parties, film releases, great food, friends, and fun!  It’s time to book your tickets, lock in your lodging, and tell your boss goodbye.  Your boss will understand – this is simply what serious boarders and skiers must do once snow arrives.

We would be remiss if we did not warn you in advance of the dangers in visiting Breckenridge.  First of all, you will fall in love with the quaint Victorian town, then the friendly, laid back atmosphere, and most importantly the stunning scenery, clean air, and glistening, powder snow that grace the slopes of Breckenridge – truly some of the best in the world.  Once you fall in love with Breckenridge, your mind will start racing.  Thoughts like, “I am not going to be able to leave”, “I am going to live here forever”, “Maybe I can get a job being a lift operator” all race through one’s mind.  The next step is picking up the real estate papers that are on every corner, showing “to die for” real estate in Summit County and particularly in Breckenridge.  Then, sticker shock could set in, and your dream may feel at risk of collapsing.  But it doesn’t have to. You might have to adjust it to keep your day job, but still be able to call Breckenridge your home away from home.

What is this magical rescue of your dreams?  Fractional real estate ownership.  No, it’s not a time share.  It is fractional real estate ownership where you can own your own luxury condo and only pay for what you use.  You have a mortgage, you have a deed, and you have all of the benefits of home ownership in Summit County at a fraction of the cost and with none of the hassle.  CLICK HERE for more information on fractional real estate.

Next step?  Contact Brent Henry, a senior broker that specializes in fractional real estate in Breckenridge.  Brent will schedule a complimentary, no hassle consultation with you to find out how he can be a part of helping your dream of a home away from home in Breckenridge come true.  Call Brent at 970-485-2117 or e-mail Brent using the convenient form below.



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